What Is Used To Restore A House?

There are many different disasters that can happen to your home. Fire and smoke damage, water damage from floods, and wind and hail damage from storms. In Oklahoma we have seen it all. Living in one of the most geographically divers regions of the country brings all kinds of trouble. And each one of these disasters comes with its own unique set of challenges. Disaster Restoration Services uses top of the line advanced industry products to get your home back into shape after disaster strikes. Here we cover what is used to restore a house after suffering damage. 

Smoke Damage

If you have experienced fire damage in Oklahoma, you will also have smoke damage. We have specially diluted products to remove smoke and soot from fixtures in your home like walls, wood, and other surfaces. In the event that these products are not strong enough to remove the damage, replacement may be necessary. However, our products are the best at removing soot and smoke odors from things like carpet, walls, and furniture. Special air flow tools are used to remove unseen debris form the air and get it out of your home. Air quality after a fire plays an important role to your health as well.

Water Extraction Equipment

There are different types of water that can damage your home after an accident or disaster. These range from sanitary to very unsanitary water. Polluted water in your home can lead to more than just water damage. It harbors an environment conducive to the microbial growth and mold. Depending on the extent of the damage and water flow, remediation is best left to the pro’s. Water extraction equipment is brought in to suck up any water in floors while commercial grade dehumidifiers help dry everything out. If polluted water made it’s way to your walls, removal and replacement may be necessary as these toxins can harm you.

Call Disaster Restoration Services

If your home has suffered a disaster, call the professionals at Disaster Restoration Services. No matter if its storm, water, or fire damage, we have what it takes to get your home put back together. Offering 24/7 emergency disaster response. contact or call us now to get started.
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