Tulsa Mold Removal and Restoration Services

Finding mold in your home can be disturbing and disheartening. Mold can be very dangerous. If you smell or see the signs of mold, or have had recent water damage, you and your loved ones health may be at risk. Certainly, his is not something you should ignore. A complete mold inspection and analysis will tell a top Tulsa mold remediation professional how to properly treat your home or business for mold removal. At Disaster Restoration Services, our years of experience and dedication to detail give us the unique ability to perform testing, analysis and Tulsa best mold removal and restoration service.

Tulsa Mold Remediation Services

Disaster Restoration Services is a leader in mold identification and removal. In order to keep mold from returning, we must identify and eliminate the source which is most often water damage. Removing the source of the mold, eliminating excessive moisture and repairing leaks, are all part of the mold restoration process. And so, our building professionals work hard to remove all affected materials while restoring the structure to like new condition.

Our technicians will perform a complete internal and external evaluation of the affected structure. After that, we will begin the decontamination process neutralizing and remove all mold and mildew. From inspection to cleanup and restoration, we make sure your home or business is mold free. More than that, we make sure to take steps to prevent future damage and mold.

Suspecting Mold

If you notice unexplained respiratory problems in any member of the home or workplace, you may have a mold issue.  In addition, if you notice a strange odor that gets stronger in a certain area, you may want a mold inspection. If you feel listless or have watery eyes, especially if those symptoms seem to appear when in a certain space, then you may have a mold problem. For health, safety and peace of mind, it is never a bad idea to have your home or business checked for mold.

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