Tulsa Fire Restoration

Fire is a devastating force of nature. When fire strikes our homes, memories are wiped away in minutes. Crucially, after such a devastating loss, we want to make great effort to save as many personal items as we can. In addition, we want to restore our homes and businesses to their original state before the fire, or we want to make improvements.  That’s why Disaster Restoration Services offers residential and commercial fire restoration services. We put our construction expertise to work providing superior Tulsa fire restoration services.

Tulsa Fire Damage Repair and Cleanup

With a reputation as the best fire damage repair contractor in Northeastern Oklahoma, Disaster Restoration Services will help you put your home or business back in order as quickly as possible. In addition, the best restoration construction professionals in the Tulsa area will begin the cleanup and restoration process immediately. Tulsa’s top restoration team will work with you and your insurance company to restore your home or business to like new condition.

Smoke Damage Restoration Services

The damage caused by fire and smoke is staggering. However, some of the damage is unseen. Smoke damage permeates the entire structure and affects all materials that it contacts. The result is a smelly residue that requires professional smoke damage removal service. We offer the best smoke damage restoration service in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Disaster Restoration Services is Tulsa’s top smoke damage repair company. Experience matters when choosing a Restoration Professional.

Removing Soot Residue

High heat produces “dry smoke” soot that is chalky and comparatively easy to clean. Low heat from smoldering water infused material produces a sticky residue with a strong smell called “wet smoke” that is rather difficult to clean. Similarly, protein residues like from meats and burned items from the pantry are challenging to remove. These nearly invisible residues produce extremely strong odors. Also, soot from burning proteins causes surface discoloration. And finally, natural substances, like wood, produce fine powdery ash that is relatively easy to clean. Different residues present different restoration challenges. Our highly trained, certified restoration professionals are expert at removing all types of soot residue.

If you need Tulsa fire restoration, contact Disaster Restoration now.

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