Wagoner County Smoke Damage & Fire Restoration

DRS has the experience to handle ALL categories of fire loss, from burn replacement to Wagoner County smoke damage & full pack-out. Our agents will help you throughout the process of recovery from evaluation to move-in. We will be with you the whole way!

Full Service Smoke & Fire  Damage Cleanup & Restoration

DRS uses the most advanced odor removal and soot removal techniques, getting rid of any trace that a fire had occurred. We can rapidly treat large areas, limiting the damage and expediting the restoration process. When your property is affected by fire and smoke damage, you can count on DRS for reliable service to cleanup and restore your  property.

Sometimes the smoke and soot residues left behind by a fire can result in more damage than the fire itself. Smoke odors will travel throughout the affected area and be absorbed by soft goods including carpeting, bedding, draperies, and clothing. Soot residues will often gather in the corners of a room, but in large fires can coat nearly every surface in the area where the fire occurred. Soot can be sticky and oily and difficult to remove without the proper equipment.

If your fire and smoke damage loss is covered by insurance, we will work directly with your insurance provider to make the process as painless and hassle-free as possible. DRS will stay on top of your claim!

Wagoner Fire Damage Restoration Company

Did you know? Every year structural fires cause over ten billion dollars in damage. This does not include wild fires. Our Wagoner fire restoration company repairs millions of dollars in fire damage every year. Most fires start in the kitchen. This is also the leading cause of at home burn injuries. If your home has been damaged by smoke or fire, call Disaster Restoration Services and get your restoration started today. 

Casey and Jana Groth - the Wagoner smoke damage experts!

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