Kitchen Fire Restoration

So there you are, making dinner for the family. You start to smell something burning and then boom, smoke everywhere. The stove is on fire and the house is filled with smoke. Luckily you remember the fire extinguisher and get it put out quickly. No harm, no foul. You didn’t have to call the fire department. No big deal, you’ll just air the house out right?

It Was Just A Small Fire

Or so you thought. You might be surprised to learn that 49% of all house fires are cause by cooking. That’s half of all fires. And each one has unique characteristics. The source of the fire, how hot it burned, and the extent of the damage. But you got it put out, how come you can’t get that smell gone? The whole house still smells like smoke! Well, you are still going to need disaster restoration services.
The more a fire burns something completely, the more it leaves behind. The soot and residue of the fire penetrate your ceiling, walls, and floors. The smell becomes something only found in nightmares. But that is where we come in. You see, the hotter a fire burns, the more chemicals it produces. We come in to remove everything that has been damaged by the smoke and soot.

Smoke Damage Remediation

We know that these odors can even seep into your clothing. We come in and treat every area, from the largest rooms to the smallest nooks that has been effected by the fire. Replacing drywall, repainting, and anything else that needs doe to remove the chemicals left behind. Our professional staff has been providing disaster restoration services for years. After all, it is our name. If you have a need for smoke damage remediation due to a kitchen fire, call us today.
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