Prevent Frozen Pipes!

Frozen pipes bursting can cause extensive damage to your property and can be very expensive to fix. To avoid this happening you should take all the steps necessary to winterize your home and pipes. You will save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of stress by preparing now and not having to deal with it at all.

Insulation Helps A Lot

If you have pipes exposed to open air such as crawl spaces, garages, or attics, then they are exposed to frigid temperatures. Cover your pipes with not only insulation but run a heat cable along the pipes before you cover them. Insulation alone will not be enough to prevent pipes from freezing but it is a great deterrent.

Outdoor Faucets and Spigots

Be sure to shut off water completely to your outdoor faucets and water spigots. Open the valves to bleep out any water that may be trapped in the lines and then shut it off at the valve. Leaving any water in the lines can lead to them bursting. Get spigot covers from your local hardware store to put over them. These foam covers will help keep some warm air in and prevent disaster.

Open Your Cabinets

Keep air circulating in your kitchen and bathrooms by opening your cabinet doors. This will allow the warm air to circulate and prevent pipes from bursting inside your home. Warm air can’t reach your pipes if you leave the cabinet doors closed.

Leave A Drip

Allow an indoor faucet to drip overnight. Running water does not freeze as easily as still water does. And a slow drip will not have much of an impact on your utility bill. Keeping a dripping faucet also relives any built up pressure inside of cold pipes.

Contact A Professional

Have a professional disaster restoration company perform an inspection and make sure that you are set for winter months and severe winter weather. If you have frozen pipes burst, break, or leak, call us now and our emergency team will get you the help you need right away. 


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