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Water Damage Restoration, Fire Restoration, Smoke Damage Restoration, Wind & Storm Damage.


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Emergency Extraction & Water Damage Restoration

Recovery after a flood or water line break can be a confusing and emotional process. Families without an emergency recovery plan will be faced with some quick and difficult decisions regarding their home and belongings.


  • Immediately Call 911 if Necessary
  • Call Disaster Restoration Service, Inc.
  • Call Your Insurance Claim Center

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Services

Recovery after a house fire can be another confusing and emotional process. Families without a emergency recovery plan will be faced with some quick and difficult decisions regarding their home and belongings.

Disaster Restoration Services provides victims of house fires the assurance they need. Rest assured knowing that someone is advocating for recovery of your home and property. Let us help your recover from a fire as quickly as possible.

    Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

    When mold problems are discovered, it can be difficult to know how best to resolve the issue. Its important to know that not all types of mold are dangerous, a professional should determine the type of mold involved and determine a proper remedy to return structure and air quality to a healthy standard. Call on DRS for effective mold remediation.

    Wagoner & Tulsa Area Restoration Services:

    Carpet Cleaning

    Full service carpet cleaning services in Wagoner, Coweta, Broken Arrow, Tulsa and surrounding cities.

    New & Restoration Construction

    Our partner company, Axon Construction can handle reconstruction.

    Emergency Water Extraction

    24 hour emergency service.An immediate response is always the best defense against permanent damage.

    Structural Drying

    We understand the complex science behind proper structural drying after a flood or water damage.

    Sewage Backup / Cleanup

    Sewage backup can present a variety of health hazards, sanitation issues and serious structual damage.

    Rebuilding After a Fire Loss

    Disaster Restoratioin Services can handle all aspects of cleanup as well as reconstruction after a fire. 

    Smoke Damage Restoration

    Smoke can permanently damage a home, furnishings and fixtures. Taking quick action is your best first defense. 

    Mold Removal & Remediation

    From treatment to full mold abatement, we can handle ALL mold conditions within your home.

    Expert Advisement

    Free on-site consultations for insurance companies, contractors, homeowners and propert owners. 

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