Avoid Home Disaster This Winter

There are an unlimited amount of things that can happen to your home in the winter months. Fire damage, water damage, smoke damage, and more are all possibilities. These are due to winter activities and winter weather. At Disaster Restoration Services, we never want to see anything happen to you or your home. But we do want to be available to help you fix it when disaster strikes. Let’s cover a few common things we see in the cold months and how you can avoid home disaster this winter.


Christmastime especially is the most popular time of year to have a fireplace. However, we also see a lot of home fires caused by fire place issues. You want to make sure your fire place does not have any leaks or cracks. Also clear any debris or excess soot that may be trapped in the flue. This can be extremely flammable and lead to a serious house fire. There are many chimney cleaning products available to the public as well as services to clean and inspect chimneys.

Space Heaters

These can be a great way to cut down on utility costs to warm your home. You just need to make sure you are using them properly. Never place a space heater near drapes or loose fabric. Also keep them away from children. Upgrade your space heaters to modern models with advanced safety features. Newer space heaters contain failsafes in the even that they are knocked over or get too hot.

Freezing Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the scariest things a homeowner can hear. Just imagining a pipe bursting and unloading hundreds of gallons of water into your home is frightening. To prevent this, you may wrap your pipes in insulation before temperatures drop. If you plan on long travels, keep your thermostat set at 68 degrees to prevent freezing. Leaving faucets on a slop drip over night will also help. As well as covering any outdoor spigots with foam covers from the hardware store.

Contact Disaster Restoration Services

In the event that things turn sour this holiday season, count on the experts at DRS to get your home back into shape. We are always available when you need us. Call Disaster Restoration Services for emergency winter disaster restoration.
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