Accidental and Sudden Flooding

The biggest disaster in recorded history was a flood. But that was an act of God and insurance was not available at the time. Today, your homeowner’s policy will cover accidental and sudden flooding when the water source is from inside of the home. However, separate insurance must be purchased for flooding that arises from outside of the home. As a rule, your homeowner’s policy also covers storm damage resulting from water that hit the house before it hit the ground.

Water damage is one of the more common causes for home insurance claims. In fact, only wind and hail cause more claims. For certain, accidental and sudden property flooding are valid causes for insurance claims, but gradual damage is not. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage resulting from unresolved maintenance or old undetected issues.

When Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

When it is sudden and from an internal source that has been properly maintained, water damage is covered. Your homeowner’s policy generally covers damage from rain or snow. In addition, when properly maintained, pipes that fail are covered. Homeowner’s insurance covers damage from the accidental overflow of a toilet, basin, or washing machine. Your homeowner’s policy also covers:

  • Water damage from fighting a fire
  • Interior damage from sudden onset of a roof leak
  • Mold resulting from water damage qualifying for coverage
  • Water damage resulting from vandalism

When Will Homeowners Insurance Reject a Water Damage Claim?

Claims that do not result from sudden and accidental damage will likely be denied. Generally, gradual water damage will be denied. Homeowners insurance will not cover damage that results from neglected maintenance. Further, your homeowner’s policy will not cover damage from:

  • Groundwater seepage
  • Reversed sewer flow
  • Flooding from storms
  • Inadequately maintained water fixtures

The type of damage is less important than why the damage happened. Homeowners are responsible for reasonably maintaining their water works. Pipes that suddenly burst will not be covered if they were not properly maintained. Also, it is important to remember, insurance only potentially covers the water damage. It does not cover the busted pipe or the leaking hot water tank that caused it.

Review Your Policy

Read your policy. Understand what it does and does not cover. Talk to your insurance agent. Consider options for insurance that you might want to purchase.

If you need restoration work in the Tulsa or Wagoner area due to water damage of any kind, contact Disaster Restoration today.


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